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 Hotline Services for Residential Properties

  • Whether you are opening a new purchase escrow, re-financing a current property, or have lived in your home free and clear for decades, our service is for you.
  • There are different concerns depending upon the ownership, use, and type of property. If the property is NOT a residence, please visit our section for Businesses.
  • If you own or are buying a residence, then various issues change depending upon whether you are single, married, or non-married owners. Please select the right page for you:
    • A Single Owner is one individual who will not be sharing any degree of ownership with another person.
    • A Married Couple is any two people who have a marriage which is recognized in and by the State of California. Most marriages in other states and countries will be recognized in California. The treatment of registered domestic partners in California is largely the same as a married couple for State law purposes, but like other owners for federal law purposes.
    • Other Owners are any combination of two or more people who are not legally married to each other (and some aspects of registered domestic partners). California does not have "common law" marriage recognized over time, so this includes any couple who is living together without a marriage certificate. It also includes any two or more people who are buying property strictly for investment purposes. 

The best form of title for residential properties depends on whether title is taken by a sole owner, married couple, or other co-owners.