Choosing the Correct Form of Title is Critical to Reaching Your Goals. Call the Form of Title Hotline at 1-800-Form of Title (1-800-367-6638) for your crucial, time critical decision.


There are three forms of title you usually will NOT want to use:
  • Your individual name
  • As joint tenants
  • In a general partnership

 What is the Form of Title Hotline For? 

  • Are you buying a residence or rental or investment real estate?
  •  Do you need a cloud of title cleared or defect of title corrected?
  • Do you currently own your home, investment or business real estate?
  • Do you make investments for tax-deferred retirement purposes?
  • Do you own taxable stock, mutual funds or other securities?
  • Are you concerned about scholarships, student loans or college funding for your child or grandchild?
  • Do you own your own business or a business with others?
  • Are you concerned about lawsuits or protecting your privacy?
  • Do you want to control who gets your property after your life?
  • Did you realize that ownership and beneficiary designations for life insurance are just as critical as for real estate and business entities?
    Whether you are purchasing a home, investment real estate, life insurance policy, a business, or securities, the form in which you hold title is one of the most important legal and investment decisions.
     Each time you purchase real property the real estate agent, escrow officer or loan broker asks the annoying question: "How would you like to take title?" Your mind wanders . . .
     Then they typically say something like, "It's a legal decision. I can't advise you about it." The fine print on the contract tells you to contact an attorney. But what attorney will take a seemingly quick question like this when you don't have an attorney on retainer?
     Where do you go? Who do you call?

        The Form of Title Hotline offered by the Ballard Law Office at 1-800-FORM OF TITLE is the fast, convenient, and affordable source for legal advice about real estate, investment, life insurance, and business purchases and ownership.
        Call 1-800-FORM OF TITLE (1-800-367-6638) today for the answers you need. Consultations begin at $35.